Happy Lil Pawz

Puppy Purchase Agreement

**Stated in agreement as “Seller“(Deborah Hesskew)

1) It is the Purchaser's responsibility to have this puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian of their choice within 3 business days of taking possession of the puppy. This contract is valid for the original purchaser of the dog only and is not transferable to another person. If the puppy is sold to another person this contract is null and void. Seller is providing a Male/Female puppy to buyer for the purchase price of $____________________.

2) Seller will provide Purchaser with a shot and de-worming record of all shots/de-worming given. Weights expressed or discussed are an estimate and can’t be guaranteed. All puppies are sold as pets unless otherwise discussed. No puppy should leave your house or yard until the full series of puppy shots have been completed and your vet states it is safe to take the pup away from your home, to insure the best possible immunity against communicable diseases. Changing your mind, family dispute OR landlord problems does not warrant a refund. This warranty does not cover adult dogs that are not bred and raised by me, only my puppies. Any adult dogs not bred and raised by me, are sold as is with no warranties or guarantee’s.

3) Purchaser understands this puppy is warranted for one year from date of purchase for a congenital or hereditary condition that severely affects the health of the dog, that would require either hospitalization or a non-elective surgical procedure.

. If the puppy develops any of these abnormalities, the breeder will replace the puppy at the breeder's expense with a male or female of same value. The purchaser understands that if a male or female is not available of equal value, then as soon as one does become available, the puppy will be replaced at the breeder's expense. Purchaser understands that the replacement option is only valid when congenital or hereditary anomalies are attributed solely to a proven congenital or hereditary problem and are not due to accident or injury.

4) If the pup has been diagnosed with a congenital or hereditary defect, the buyer must provide the seller with a veterinarian statement on the vet’s letterhead within one week stating that the pup had a defect that existed before the buyer took possession of the pup. Also, In the unlikely event that a death occurs, a necropsy must be performed by a licensed veterinarian and a copy of the report forwarded to Seller for review by Seller's veterinarian before determining if a replacement is to be made. If our veterinarian concurs, I will replace your puppy as soon as one is available.

NOTE: This warranty does not cover Common conditions such as, but not limited to, testicles not descending, improper bite, thin coat, hernias, trachea problems, I do not cover vet visits or death due to low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)as this condition is easily prevented, internal and external parasites, loose patella, physical flaws that do not affect the health of dog, loose stool or any condition that can be corrected with veterinarian treatment. Since the care, feeding, growth and exercise will be out of the Seller's future control, the Seller does not warranty for the pet's teeth, bones, ligaments, joints or body structure beyond the purchase date. Buyer understands that they can purchase Pet Health Insurance to cover any potential health issues that would not be warranted by the Seller's limited warranty.

4a) IMPORTANT NOTES: As a reminder, the puppy must be taken to the new owner’s vet within 3 business days, THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL. 

Buyers Initials and Date _____________________________

The puppy must have all shots that are required for the pup’s protection from distemper, parvo, rabies etc., these must be completed on a schedule recommended by the buyers vet.

Buyers Initials and date ____________________________

5) Seller assumes no responsibility for any matter concerning this puppy once it leaves Sellers home, including but not limited to accidental death, injury or non-life threatening illnesses. Buyer is solely responsible for all vet bills, including but not limited to physicals, vaccinations, dental work, medications, blood tests, x-rays, ultra sounds, surgeries, boarding, grooming, etc.


It is the Buyers responsibility to bring the Sellers copy of the signed Puppy Purchase Agreement(Health Warranty). If this is not received this contract is void.

**Always Have A Home Policy**- The seller will accept the return of this dog “at any time” the buyer declines to keep said dog, to find it a new home. Said dog is to never be taken to a shelter, rescue or pound.

All sales are final, no refunds are given only a replacement puppy, deposits are non-refundable, unless the chosen puppy dies. Deposits are transferable to another litter.

****If the Buyer breaches any part of this Agreement, the Seller is released from any obligations under this Agreement.

***This contract is under the jurisdiction of the state of Texas, county of Kerr and it is agreed in the event that litigation is commenced that the place of Mediation will be Kerrville, TX.

Please print out, sign and bring, mail or email a copy to seller. Also keep a copy for yourself.

The seller neither makes or implies any warranties or guarantees, express or implied, other than those written in the agreement including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability and fitness. This document constitutes the entire agreement between the seller and Buyer with respect to this sale. The Buyer's signature below indicates that he/she has carefully read, agrees and does understand all the conditions of the Sales Agreement and Contract of Sale.

By signing you hereby agree to this contract. All fields below must be filled in and signed.

Please check appropriate box, all puppies are sold as pets with limited AKC registration, unless AKC full registration with breeding rights has been discussed prior to purchase- This puppy/dog is being purchased as a BREEDING DOG____ or a PET____ 

Breeder Notes if any:   

Buyer Please sign Here_______________________________________________

Breed Of  Puppy: Yorkshire Terrier or Maltese

Buyer Name: _______________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________

City: ________________________ State: _____________________  Zip: __________

Contact Phone Number: (_____) _______-_________

Email :________________________________________

Your Signature: _____________________________________________________

Date: _______________

Seller signature and date: 


"Dog and cat breeders are regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation,

P.O. Box 12157, Austin, Texas 78711, 1-800-803-9202, 512-463-6599, www.tdlr.texas.gov"