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If you are interested in a puppy, calls are answered between 9 am to 9 pm, however you can text or email me anytime. My cell 830-285-2019, please put breed you are interested in.

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AKC Maltese puppies from American and European lines, with sweet little beautiful faces, if you want a healthy social baby, you have come to the right place. All pups come with a 1 year health warranty, use the menu to the right for info. You are always welcome to come pick up your baby. All available pups are vet checked, with current de-worming and shots. My identity has been verified by Paypal. Prices are from $1500 and up, price depends on sex. Payment types accepted are shown below. Scroll down below for Maltese breed information and Hypoglycemia information. Just a reminder, I do not allow other peoples pets in my kennel area, I only allow 2 visitors to come see the pups by appointment only and I also do not allow visitors to come see puppies until they are ready to go. Note: All my adult dogs are AKC registered. When I have an adult available, they will be listed on this page. I do not do mixed breeds.

Please Read Hypoglycemia Info

Sorry, I do not ship. All pups must be picked up. Visit my Kennel page for pictures of my dog buildings or Visit my YouTube Channel by clicking the button at the top right of the page for video’s of my kennel and past puppies. If you are on a cell, the follow me YouTube button is towards the bottom of this page. All prices listed are for limited registration, which means pet price. If interested in a puppy, please read my puppy health warranty. Visits are by appointment only, no exceptions.

Thinking of flying in to pick up a baby, age restrictions for in cabin pets by airline.

United Airlines- 16 weeks old
Delta- 10 weeks old
American Airlines-  8 weeks old
Southwest Airlines- 8 weeks old


The puppy food I use, I order from

American Natural Premium Puppy From


Male 1 on right, male 2 left

Ginger Male 1- Pending

Tommi and Ginger litter of 4 males born 08/22/19- This boy is pending

Price : $1500

Ginger Male 2- Available

Tommi and Ginger litter of 4 males born 08/22/19- This boy is a gorgeous baby, with a beautiful coat and he also takes after his sire with a compact stout little body. He loves to play, has a happy personality and loves attention. Pet price $1500, cash only at time of pick up, a deposit will hold for pick up. Text me for a video of him. Vet checked and ready to go. He weighs 4 lbs 5 ounces at 15 weeks, so currently charting him at least 6 lbs grown. The Happy LIl Pawz Youtube channel video's show my kennel and past puppies.

Price : $1500 Christmas Special $1250



Susan’s Tiny Paws- Maltese, Yorkie and Pomeranian Puppies

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Maltese Looks
These dogs usually have a small rounded head with a dome that is around as wide as a baseball. They have a black button nose and small black eyes. Their body tends to be short in both length and height. Their ears drop down and usually have long hair that is surrounded by skin that is a darker color. They call this a halo and this is what makes the Maltese dog have an expressive look. Sometimes their black noses fade to a light brown and even sometimes pink color but this happens mainly when they are not exposed to a lot of sunlight. They appropriately call this winter nose as it usually gets back its shade of black after exposure to a good amount of sun.
Maltese dogs have silky long coats of hair but have no undercoat. They are usually pure white but may also have cream color or may have a light lemon color on the ears or a touch on the back. You will rarely find these dogs in a pale ivory color and sometimes with traces of a pale orange. It is important to note that these dogs have hair and not fur and so they are suitable for persons who have allergies. This means that you will need to regular groom them so that their hair doesn’t become matted.

Other Skin Areas
Any other areas on the Maltese that are not considered to be “points” such as the belly, genital area, inside of the ears, tongue, etc can range from pink to black.  Spotted areas are common. especially on the belly. When it comes to the belly, a pink Maltese stomach will often change to black or develop black areas with sun exposure.   For those who want to keep black areas to a minimum the dog’s belly should apply sunscreen to their Maltese whenever their dog is going to be outside for more than 15 minutes.  Even for those who do not care what color the belly is…And it truly does not matter…applying sunscreen is always a good idea, so that the puppy or dog does not get any sunburns, which can be quite uncomfortable.

Maltese Dogs Temperament
Maltese dogs have a very nice temperament and are good companion dogs. They love attention and are very lively and playful creatures. Even when they get older they still retain their lively and playful nature. Some of them tend to snap at smaller children so be sure to ensure that your children are supervised when in the presence of the Maltese. It is also good to allow the dogs to socialize with children when the dogs are young so that this tendency to be snappish will be reduced later on in life. They have a preference for enclosed spaces and so are ideal for apartments, townhouses or homes with small yards.They have a tendency to bark a lot so you may want to find a bark collar for them if you live in an environment where their barking may be offensive or bothersome to your neighbors. provides comprehensive, in-depth Maltese information.

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