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If you are interested in a puppy, you can text or email me anytime. My cell 830-285-2019, please put breed you are interested in.

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Beautiful AKC pups from European and American lines with beautiful babydoll faces, if you want a quality AKC Yorkshire Terrier, you have come to the right place. All puppies come with a 1 year health warranty, use the menu to the right for info. All available Yorkie pups have current deworming and shots. My identity has been verified by Paypal. Prices range from $2150 up male and $2550 up female, sales tax is included in the price. Just a reminder, I do not allow other peoples pets in my kennel area and I only allow 2 visitors to come see the pups at pick up. I also do not allow visitors to come see puppies until they are ready to go.  NOTE: My adult dogs are registered AKC. When I have an adult available, they will be listed on this page. The puppies eat Diamond Naturals small & medium breed dry puppy food, I buy it from chewy. Click the Diamond Naturals link for where to buy

Please Read Hypoglycemia Info

Sorry, I do not ship. All pups must be picked up. Visit my Kennel page for pictures of my dog buildings or Visit my YouTube Channel by clicking the button at the top right of the page for video’s of my kennel and past puppies. If you are on a cell, the follow me YouTube button is towards the bottom of this page. If interested in a puppy, please read my puppy health warranty. Visits are by appointment only, no exceptions.

Thinking of flying in to pick up a baby, age restrictions for in cabin pets by airline.

United Airlines- 16 weeks old
Delta- 10 weeks old
American Airlines-  8 weeks old
Southwest Airlines- 8 weeks old


deposits only

Each Puppy Comes with The Go Home Day Offer from TRUPANION, visit my

health warranty page for more info

Maggie AKC litter

Maggie and Nelson litter born 05/09/2023- 3 males, pet price male $2150. Only 2 males are still available, a deposit is $500. 2 pictures show the 2 baby boys that are available and 2 pictures are shown of past Maggie/Nelson pups. Read my Debs Lil Pawz google reviews, my health warranty, see my past puppies and check out my YouTube channel for lots of videos. Once a deposit is placed, I send a new video every Friday until ready to go home. Ready to go 07/15

Price : 2150.00


AKC I'm Your Romeo or Romeo is available, has sired 1 litter. 4 years old and is available. I am downsizing my Yorkies, he is a sweetheart and loves attention. Great with grooming and uses a doggie door. Price $1500, text me for more info.

Price : 1500.00

Interesting Information 

Yorkshire Terrier Looks

These little fiery balls of energy have a flat head top, short nose, and prominent, pointy ears. Eyes that are large, dark, and with a beady design that makes the pooches even cuter. Yorkies have that perky tail that distinctively perks up above the level of the back. Yorkie puppies tails are docked. But I just love the full tail they are born with, it is so expressive. They have short and straight legs. Yorkies have thick silky hair that grows and grows and grows.

Open Fontanel– Open Fontanel is seen in several toy dog breeds. The fontanel is the area at the top of the skull
where the bone plates merge. When babies (human and dog) are born the bony plates of the skull are
usually partly soft and separated. Usually this area closes but sometimes the bony plates never
completely fuse, leaving a small hole in the top of the skull that has a soft mushy feel when you
touch it like the soft spot on an infant. The affected pup can live a long, full and active life.

Precautions the owner should take include protecting the puppy from being hit on the head, preventing
situations where the puppy might fall and not allowing the puppy to jump from furniture, beds, etc.
These are precautions that should be taken with ANY puppy of ANY size anyway, so just be aware that
the tiny open spot at the top of the head is unprotected and of course, they should always be
supervised with small children, open fontanel or not.

It is very common for the very tiny puppies to have open an fontanel
considerably longer than larger puppies. It is very rare though that they do not close
completely by the age of 1 year old.

Open fontanels are actually quite necessary as young puppies just as the soft spot on a baby.
They enable the head to mold so that they will fit through the birth canal and they enable the
brain to grow within the skull without being squished and putting pressure on the brain.

Open Fontanel is not the same as a Hydrocephalus puppy. Some vets are not familiar with open
fontanels and can cause undue alarm to puppy owners.


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